Company History

Company History

Parsian Petro International Trading Company established in 2005. Since then it has been one of the leading trading companies in the fields of petroleum product. The company main business is supplying petroleum and petrochemical products and by-products internationally.

Parsian Petro is a well-established oil and gas distribution, processing and marketing institute, participating actively in both down and main stream sector of the industry. we run a global partnership/proxy participation in 26 countries through 136 independent marketers/affiliates.

Parsian Petro success is based on experience of its well establish management team and trading ethics that has govern the company management for the past One decades. We have grown from eastern minor energy supplier to western oriented avoidable energy supplying company, Establishing strong presence in global energy market.

Parsian Petro trades in petroleum products, methanol, natural gas, power and emission allowances all over the world. We maintain a global presence to provide avoidable energy.

Our partners are our friends: their success is our success. We are interested in ensuring that working with us is not only profitable but also comfortable for our partners so that we could reach new heights and rejoice our achievements together.

Parsian Petro has introduced the principle of division of roles/responsibilities between the line management and procurement function in order to meet the requirement for good control.

The line management is responsible for planning demand, allocating technical and operational expertise and approving suppliers recommended by the relevant procurement entity.

Only the procurement function is authorized to sign binding agreements with buyers on Parsian Petro behalf.

The procurement function is responsible for proactive coordination, planning and execution of procurements on behalf of the line management.

The majority of our oil and gas marketed in Europe is sold under long-term contracts to large and reliable European gas utility companies and suppliers. Parsian Petro also trades gas in the spot market, and the company is also very active in the emerging liquid trade markets for gas in Europe.

Parsian Petro expects the world’s total demand for natural gas to grow by about 30 per cent globally in the coming two decades and Parsian Petro also has increasing marketing activities in connection with the company’s positions in the Rotterdam, U.S., China and Asian countries.

Parsian Petro develops, integrates and implements procurement strategies to achieve the best possible agreements for the group.

This is achieved through a category-based approach to goods and services, based on a coordinated control of demand, the global market situation and robust analyses in order to minimize risk in the execution phase.

The buyer’s must be prequalified in order to compete for tenders.

Parsian Petro ’s procurement process is based on competitive tendering and on the principles of transparency, non-discrimination and equal treatment of tenderers.

Parsian Petro’s is one of the Russia’s largest global crude oil sellers

Parsian Petro’s has built up an extensive system for global oil trading from offices in Tehran And Moscow and Georgia. Seaborne transportation of Parsian Petro’s crude, product and gas liquids volumes involves more than 400 voyages per year and moves over 10 million tons of oil annually.

In addition to conventional shipping operations, Parsian Petro’s utilises state-of-the-art shuttle tankers under contract from first-class owners.

We aim to support long-term economic growth, social stability, prosperity and progress in the regions where we operate, as well as caring for the environment and ensuring sustainable use of natural resources We want to achieve consistent and long-term growth of our business, transforming Parsian Petro into a leading global energy company .

All shipping activities in Parsian Petro’s are performed with a heavy focus on health, safety and environmental protection, and in accordance with the group’s ethical guidelines. Parsian Petro’s has an active program of vessel pre-inspection and approval, with such work being carried out on a regular basis worldwide. Chartering activities are carried out from the office in black sea port.